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Congress, not entirely surprisingly, has failed to approve the $500 million requested by Obama to train the so called „moderate Syrian rebels“ to counteract both the Assad regime and ISIS elements in Syria and Iraq. According to the media reports today, the money for this purpose will now have to be appropriated by the executive from some other head, presumably without Congressional approval. This is yet another symptom of the deadlock in Washington, which does not bode well for a united leadership stance against ISIS, which, if left unchecked, would be an unmitigated disaster in the high quality replica bags Middle East.

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Every so often, Hoffman jumped in the bellydancing circle

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„These are healthy male Asian bodies

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How much time that takes depends on you

bitcoin bites homeland security committee

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But again, in choosing backpacking boots, there are some

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Aficionados can order find a local troop cookie sale via the

I’m not for judging women, even at their worst. I have been on the other side too many times, and it sucks! I write from experience, and i can tell you, i have every reason to come down on women who stole loyalties, caused us heartaches, and traumatized many dear to us. My dad’s womanizing broke our home, and devastated our beautiful family.

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Pea Nieto can’t come out and say this too explicitly

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After all, prostitution is the oldest game in town, a part of

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The first step you are going to do is tuck yourself into a

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