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Getting free press via social media posts can also help

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It’s meant to teach you about yourself

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Those plans, discussed in the email communications, included

FBI Director, Robert Mueller did report that al Quaida still has plans to attack US targets with a number of plans discussed but not solidified. Those plans, discussed in the email communications, included attacking smaller cities in the United States to circumvent the security found in the larger cities as well as attacking mass transit systems, US embassies located in foreign countries and oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. One of the communications reportedly explained that a tanker would have to be blown from the inside out to be effective..

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They judge them as bad or evil and treat them accordingly. They never discuss their feelings or try to work things out. This is the opposite of the golden rule, unto others as you would have them do unto you. Trump will look at them and then say, „OK, that looks good,“ or „No, no. I want you to put this back in.“ Then he’ll say, „Go ahead and hit send,“ and Scavino will do so..There certainly are tweets that Trump himself writes in the dark of night or first thing in the morning that Dan Scavino sees when the rest of the world sees.

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